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The new album of RAMPART "Codex Metalum" was released on 8 April, 2016 by the German label IRON SHIELD RECORDS. It is the fourth full length of the band, and it is promoted and distributed by PURE STEEL RECORDS. The album was mastered by Arne Lakenmacher (Gamma Ray, Doro, Stormwarrior) at High Gain Studios (Hamburg, Germany). The artwork is made by the Bulgarian artist Stefan Valkanov.

The idea behind "Codex Metalum" is that the metal attitude comes from the ancient times and it could be represented by venerable symbols as the knights' codex of honour.


01. Apocalypse Or Theater (5:54)
02. Diamond Ark (06:06)
03. The Metal Code (07:50)
04. Of Nightfall (05:54)
05. Sacred Anger (04:25)
06. Into The Rocks (03:20)
07. Colors Of The Twilight (05:00)
08. Crown Land (03:35)
09. Majesty - Blind Guardian Cover (08:45)


released April 8, 2016



RAMPART Sofia, Bulgaria

RAMPART is a Female Fronted Heavy Metal act from Bulgaria, founded in 2006 and led by the
singer Maria Diese. After 3 full length studio albums and touring in most of the European
countries, showing up on different festival stages and because of the classic songwriting,
RAMPART managed to establish their position as one of the hardest working bands of the genre. A loud Metal On!
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